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SAFMD | Co-operation with Police Department

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Memorandum of Understanding between
San Andreas Police Department Academy Division And San Andreas Fire & Medical Department

1. Purpose
With the object of promoting their co-operation between both parties in working to make the great state of San Andreas a prosperous state. Both parties agree to following terms in this memorandum of agreement:

2. Forms of Co-operation
Within such fields as are mutually acceptable for the Parties, the following forms of co-operation, amongst others, may be
pursued here under:

- Police Officers and Firefighter are to work in unison and are to co operate with each other on the
field of work

- Joint teaching activities

- Police Officers if found to be in breach of SAPD regulatory code or and SAPC laws will be prosecuted and will be subject to all SAPD disciplinary procedures, provided the necessary evidence is brought henceforth.

- Firefighters if found to be in contravention of SAPC laws will be subject to arrest and that all complaints are to be directed to Command authorities in SAFMD with the relevant evidence.

3. Specific Co-operation Projects

Specific co-operation projects, for instance within such fields as described in section 2 above, must be negotiated separately between the Parties and are in each specific case to be established in separate written agreements, stating the respective rights and obligations of the Parties. In case of any ambiguity or conflict of terms between the terms and conditions of this MoU and those of a separate agreement as mentioned above, the terms and conditions of such separate agreement shall prevail.

Derek Carter
Chief of Police

Paco Velez
SAPD Lieutenant
A.O.B Leader

Weston Lockehead
Academy Chief