SAFMD | Reinstatement Information [RECRUITMENT OPEN]

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SAFMD | Reinstatement Information [RECRUITMENT OPEN]

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The reinstating member of the San Andreas Fire Department will have to meet the following criteria before submitting a reinstatement:
* Not have been dishonorably discharged - Exceptions can be made by Command Staff;
* Had a rank equals or higher of EMT or Firefighter I;
* Had been a member of the Department for at 2 weeks;
* Be a registered citizen of the State of San Andreas;
* Hold a drivers' license valid in the State of San Andreas;
* Not being trialed in any active court case;
* Not have been convicted in court in the last six months;
* Not have been convicted caught in an act by the SAPD in the last month;
* Be at least 18 years old from the moment the application has been submitted ((in-character only));
Application rules:
* The Reinstatement requests are being evaluated by the Command Staff, The evaluation process can take a week or longer depending on the guy, if he had a low punishment history in the Department he'll be accepted in no time, and if he had a high punishment history in the Department the evaluation process will take more than a week;
* Plagiarism in your request will not tolerated, resulting in immediate denial if so;
* The more your punishment history is, the fewer chances that you get reinstated into your former rank or may even not be reinstated into the Department.

Note: If the application requirements says 'CLOSED' , any submitted application will be denied.
To submit a reinstatement request, CLICK THIS LINK.