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San Andreas Fire Department
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SAFD | Departmental Structure

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San Andreas Fire Department
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SAFD | Roles & Responsibilities

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This Fire Department sets an extra set of challenges and responsibilities for the staff. If you’re capable of these responsibilities, then go ahead and apply! We’re waiting for individuals to join us and lead the department one day!

Fire Commissioner
A Fire Commissioner has the most important responsibility within the department, such as receiving updates of the department from the Chief of Fire and informs the San Andreas Government along with the United States Government. He is sometimes a retired Fire Chief as he has gained the required experience to support the newly appointed Fire Chief.

Chief of Fire
A Chief of Fire is the highest rank in the fire department to be achieved. The rank has a lot of responsibilities, such as planning and adding goals, managing the staff, appointing leaders. The holder of the rank has all the authority over the department.

Deputy Chief of Fire
The Deputy Chief of Fire is usually appointed by the Chief of Fire. His responsibilities are tracking the activities of the department members, then directly informing the Chief about their performance and the recent changes to the department. He has all the authority over the department if the Chief is inactive.

Assistant Chief of Fire
The Assistant Chief of Fire is usually appointed by the Chief of Fire or the Deputy. They're always two, one for the fire division and one for the EMS division. His responsibilities are to assist the Deputy in tracking the activities of the department members. He has all the authority over the department if the Chief is inactive and the Deputy is in-need of a hand to assist him.

Command Advisor
The Command Advisor is usually a retired Chief or a Deputy or an Assistant. They have been given this rank because they've done something which is important and has affected the department's performance and improved it. They have special permissions as this is an honorable rank for their effort into the department.

A captain oversees all the divisions and has the right to do anything within the department as he is an Executive Staff member with the agreement of the Chiefs. He can also appoint people as division commanders/supervisors or a lieutenant which oversees a specific division.

A lieutenant oversees a specific division that he has been appointed to oversee by the executive staff, he can appoint a division commander or a supervisor. Also, As he is a member of the command staff, he can manage the current members of the department and do most of the stuff that a captain may do with the agreement of the Executive Staff.

Fire Supervisor / EMS Supervisor
A supervisor is a member of the Supervisory Staff, a supervisory staff member is someone who has been into the department more than 3 months and understands how things go well here. They may handle the members of the department and take action if needed to stop the on-going fights between the members of the department or take action against people who breach a lot of regulations. They may host an official training to help the members of the department improve from the rank Volunteer to Firefighter III/EMT Team Leader.

Firefighter III / EMT Team Leader
They are the highest-ranking members of the field staff. They have a lot of experience because they've seen a lot of scenes and how did they get handled. They're the most trusted people that you may ask questions from and be not worried about their answers. After some time a member of those ranks can be a supervisory staff member when he's ready to supervise the fire division or the EMS one.

Firefighter II / Paramedic
When you reach this rank, It means you've served in our department for a stable time and you're ready to be a good example to the Volunteers and the newly graduated Firefighters and EMTs. Also, It means that you may take the lead of situations when they're not handled perfectly or in a suitable way. They have a higher chance to get accepted in a division to their experience.

Firefighter I / EMT
This rank is for the newly graduated Trainees If you're a member of this rank. Then, congratulations! You're officially a member of the department. You're good to go to lead the other members in a situation or even in an operation. They can apply for a division that they can be part of and have some new additional duties which they always wanted to have.

Once, you've been accepted into the department and passed your Entry Test. This will be the first rank to achieve in the department and you're away from being an official member a few steps. Your goal in your academy period is to pass that period and witness how situations are handled, you also can handle some situations if you're the highest member online. Your performance all-over the period is being measured by the Academy Staff.

Once, you've passed the first exam to join the volunteer program of the fire department you'll be officially a volunteer which means you'll be serving for the department without getting paid, unless by a supervisor. Let's get straight into the volunteer program exam, once you start taking it. You'll be asked several questions, you should answer them. Your job as a volunteer is to provide the best experience to the citizens of the state and help them.