My Application - Pilvax

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Davey Alford
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My Application - Pilvax

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Name: <Davey>
Surname: <Alford>
Age: <20>
Race: <Hungaryan>
Residence: <Los Santos>
Height: <6 foot 7 inches>
Weight: <70 kgs>
Which divisional career are you willing to join?: EMS
Passport: Yes
Driving License: Yes
B. Public Knowledge
<Higher Education from Gál Ferenc hungaryan college>
Past employment experiences (for example PD, FBI):
<I wasn't a higher rank on any job yet>
What has motivated you to join the SAFD? Why do you want to join?
<I want to join EMS because I like to help people alot! Saving peoples life in an awesome feeling>
Describe with your own words, what does it mean to be a Firefighter or alternatively, a paramedic?:
<Doing everything to save the peoples life with.>
Real-life age: <15>
Country: <Slovakia>
Timezone: <GMT +1>
Discord ID (Discordname#tag, for example: Dylan#0010):
State all your previous names:
State all the groups and factions you are currently part of:
<Police Department,Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services>

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Sandra Riley
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Re: My Application - Pilvax

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Apply with the correct application format please and thank you.