Employement Contract [READ BEFORE APPLYING]

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Employement Contract [READ BEFORE APPLYING]

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This document is a legal contract between the Department as well as the applicant that is applying to be an official employee and pass their academy period within the Department. The purpose of this contract is to establish obligations, departmental rights as well as benefits that you gain as an official employee in case of being accepted. The Obligation of paying money is to ensure that all of the hard work of the RTD officers didn't just get wasted after all that time that they've done in-order that you graduate.

Section I - Obligations
Employee's obligations shall include but not be limited to:
* The obligation of abiding by the regulations, protocols, and procedures imposed by the department.
* The obligation of abiding lawful orders issued by superiors.
* Obligation to serve as an employee of the department for at least four weeks (28 days) after graduation from the Academy.
* $100,000 is the amount you will have to pay if you resign before 28 days after graduating.

Section II - Departmental Rights
Departmental rights are the rights the department reserves to:
* Remove you from the San Andreas Fire & Medical Department if deemed unfit under the review of RTD Officers or Command Staff.
* Issue you a disciplinary punishment for any breach of these terms.

Section III - Benefits
* Employee's benefits shall include:
* Salary in case of active service.
* Bonus in case of extraordinary performance.
* Receive decorations based on conduct.

Non-disclosure clause
This document also classifies as a non-disclosure agreement, and by signing this document the employee acknowledges and submits himself to the risks, of coming in contact with classified material that might result in the charge of treason being brought against him upon an unauthorized disclosure of department materials. By signing this document, the interested individual express that he willingly understands and accept the terms imposed by this contract, and agree to assume the legal obligation, with a penal clause, of not leaking any departmental material without previous authorization from the Chief of the department or whoever is assigned to assume his responsibilities. This clause continues to apply even after the employment of the interested individual has ended.
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